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Long Distance Moving With PODS

You know you are going to relocate, but you just aren’t sure where.  Or maybe you do know where you will be moving, but once you get there have to find a place to live and most likely, that’s not a process to rush into too quickly.  PODS can help!
Unlike other portable storage companies, PODS has a strong national network with locations across the U.S.  You can be assured that for one, with a strong national presence, you don’t have to worry about PODS going anywhere.  Secondly, if you are in need of a combination of storage with your long distance move we can do that too!
Here’s how is works: We deliver a container to you.  This makes it super easy to pack it up, you don’t have to make several car trips to a place, the container is also ground level so no hoisting heavy items or teetering up a flimsy ramp.  Simply walk your items right into the PODS container.  Once you have it loaded, we’ll come back and pick the container up using our Podzilla lift system.  This method is unique to PODS and will ensure that your contents stay as level as possible.  Of course, we always suggest to rope things down as our trucks are still traveling over highways and potentially bumpy roads.  We bring your container to our secure storage facility where it will be safely kept until a larger truck will pick it up to transport it to your destination.

The great thing about PODS is that at your destination, there is also a PODS location! Your container will be sent to the other secure storage center and then scheduled to be brought out when you are ready to your new place.  Of course, if you need storage for a while, we can just keep it for  you until you are ready.

Less stress, more flexibility, it’s a wonderful way to move.  Visit this link for more info: https://www.pods.com/usa-container-moving-storage/services.aspx
As always, your Columbia team is here to answer any questions! Give us a call or email us anytime!


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