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5 Ways Our Customers are Using PODS Containers

The PODS service is certainly no one trick pony! There are many different uses and ways that you can use PODS containers to make your moving, storage, cleanup, restoration situations much easier on yourself.  Here are 5 ways our customers are using PODS containers – think outside the box!

1. Donation collection: As you’ve probably read here on the blog, PODS of Columbia is locally owned and operated.  We live here in the community and the community is very important to us.  Many organizations have used PODS containers to help with all kinds of collection projects.  If you are in need of a container and are a non-profit, don’t hesitate to reach out to us, if we can, we’d love to help!

2. Restoration Projects: Unfortunately, things happen like burst pipes, fallen trees, fire damage.  In these situations, we are usually able to expedite delivery of a container, quickly and professionally, so you can make sure your belongings that matter are safe while you focus on cleaning up the issues.

3. Help, my garage or attic needs cleaning! Having a PODS container makes a daunting project like cleaning out your attic or garage, MUCH easier.  Let’s face it, things accumulate over time – nothing wrong with that! It’s a great exercise to clean things out though and get rid or donate items you just don’t need anymore.  Many customers will have a PODS container delivered to their driveway so they can effectively sort through what is needed and what should be given up!

4. My House Sold Quicker Than I thought! Now this is a good problem to have, right??? You still need a solution that will allow you to move out of the house you sold while you find or close on a new place.  We have a secure storage center where we can store your PODS container, indoors, so it is safe and protected from the elements while you focus on finding your new home.

5. I’m relocating but I’m not sure where yet: This happens often for our customers and PODS provides a perfect solutions. With locations all over the country, chances are, we can move your container wherever you might be going.  Pack up once, we’ll safely store your belongings and then once you find out where you’ll be headed, we can have your container delivered there. How easy is that?!


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